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GLOBE Claritas™ is the established choice to enhance your seismic data processing capabilities.
It has been developed over the past 30 years to align with your needs in changing times.

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Processing Package

We offer a cost effective software solution for when it comes to creating or growing your seismic data processing capabilities. Comprehensive tutorials and user-focused support information ensure that your team can rapidly start applying their geophysical knowledge. The low installation footprint allows flexible hardware specifications to suit your needs.

Our flexible licensing is designed to provide your business with the processing capacity you need, when you need it. Lease licenses on a project-by-project basis, add extra users, or upgrade your licence type whenever you require.

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iMage Suite

Our stand-alone iMage platform includes high-performance, parallel, seismic processing algorithms that are deployed as part of our full seismic processing package. iMage is designed to operate alongside your existing seismic processing solutions and provide capabilities that are missing, or obtain a higher quality, more robust and more efficient alternative.

We have a selection of licensing models to provide you with the option to best suit your needs.

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Significant improvements - V 7.1

Significant new improvements in new GLOBEClaritas release V7.1

The GLOBEClaritas team are pleased to be delivering our second major release under the Petrosys banner, with significant improvements being made to enhance the user experience.  

Tutorials Now Updated for V7.0

GLOBEClaritas V7.0 Tutorials Now Available
With the release of GLOBEClaritas V7.0 we have updated our current tutorials, so they are now all compliant with the latest release.


Denoising Seismic records using AI based methodology 

The new DENOISE_TF module - As noise is a challenge for all seismic datasets the Claritas team successfully invested in the research and development of an AI based method for attenuating noise in both Land and Marine seismic datasets.

What our clients say

With the assistance of the team we have managed to integrate GLOBE Claritas™ seamlessly into our proprietary in-house solution. This has given us a scalable and fully supported pre-processing framework, so we can focus our efforts on developing our own specialised technology.

- TOTAL S.A. (Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger | Pau, France)


Thank you to the GLOBE Claritas team for providing their software for the 1-day "Introduction to Seismic Processing" course at the Adelaide School of Petroleum. We had 67 students processing on 33 i3 laptops. Even though none of them had any processing experience, and we were using low end hardware, everyone managed to produce a final migrated stack by the end of the day; having started with only shot records. That is a real credit to the ease of use of the software.

P J Strauss Consulting





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