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Hi, i've got a problem with adaptive subtraction processor - WANGSUBT.
I was testing results of adaptive subtrraction of SRME model but i get somewhat noisy output so i tried to lower % of eigenvalues used, but apparently PERCIGEN parameter isn't used at all. There is 0 difference between result of 100 and 1 PERCINGEN setting (checked by panel's difference).
Is there something i could check more, or is this a bug in software code ?

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The PERCEIGEN parameter was disabled as part of some work done on the WANGSUBT module for the release of V5-5 of Claritas. To save confusion the parameter should have been removed at that time but wasn't so our apologies for that oversight.

In order for us to provide any recommendations it would be useful to see the job flow and an example raw shot and model, if possible could you either send these by email to the Claritas.support email address or via our ftpsite.

For your information we have done some further development work on WANGSUBT as part of the upcoming release to both speed it up and improves it's capabilities and we should have this release available in the near future.

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