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SRME headers Link to this post

What trace headers does SRME reads and uses during process ?
I'm not sure which headers i should check after interpolation, since some of them are not changed during those processes.
Are for example shot_peg and rec_peg relevant ?
How is SRME2 process determining which traces goes into same MCG?

Re: SRME headers Link to this post

My understanding is that the SRME modules will make use of the OFFSET, SOURCE_X, REC_X, CHANNEL, SHOTID, REC_PEG and SOURCE_PEG headers.

In the SRME2 module the APERTURE parameter is used to define the number of traces in the multiple contribution gathers (this must be an odd number). Greater detail on the MCG concept can be found in the following paper:
The impact of field-survey characteristics on surface-related multiple attenuation. Dragoset, Moore and Kostov, Geophysical Prospecting, 2006, 54
(in particular Figure 1)

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