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I got some difficulties with representing the geometry of my 2D land data. Before using the "MAKEGEOM" to extract the geometry from headers, I have the Northing set from 5312780,90 to 5316450,36 and Easting range is 612803,78 to 618996,38. When representing the shot and/or receiver points, the cordinates values are all divided by 1000 (e.g Northing: 5312.78 Easting: 612.80). I have tryed to use the "setscales" but there is nothing changed. Where can the problem come from?
I also want to have precision about the shot_peg and rec_peg. Do they correspond to the station number or the position from the origin point?

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Generally Shot_Peg and Rec_Peg are unique numbers defined by the survey team and are not related to the XY or origin, for 2D surveys they are enerally four digit numbers, and for 3D they will be 8 digit and composed of a Source or Receiver line portion and a value for the actual source or receiver ie 10001000, where the last four digits are the pge location and first four are the receiver line or source line.

With regards to your XY coordinate issue I need some more information, could you let me know what the COORD_SCALE and HT_SCALE headers are set to on your input data? I suspect that they are currently set -1000 ie any XY headers will be divided by 1000 hence your values you are seeing, and when you update with SETSCALES this module runs a conversion from the scales currently defined to the newly defined so will also update the exisiting XY headers as part of what it does. So if you reset the COORD_SCALE from -1000 to say -10 it will divide the XY coords bt 1000 and then multiply by 10 to get the new XY's.

If you would like maybe send your job flows and a few records from your input data to Claritas.Support@gns.cri.nz and we can investigate further.

Re: cordinates scales in geometry Link to this post

Thanks a lot !! Indeed the problem was linked to a scale already set in the input data. I have finally used the SETHEADER function instead of SETSCALES and fixed COORD_SCALE and HT_SCALE to -10.

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