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Tips for reformatting ASCII Geometry Data Link to this post

The GLOBE Claritas text editor (Text Files on the launcher, or xedt at the prompt) has a number of useful features designed to help you reformat ASCII files, which are especially useful when working with survey data.

Push and Pull
If you hit CTRL-P, then the text on the current line, and all lines below, will be "pushed" out by one column.
CTRL-SHIFT-P "pulls" the text on the current line and all lines below back one space, deleting the character column under the cursor.

Cut and Paste Blocks
You can also cut and paste "blocks" of text; this is handy for removing columns of data, or changing the order of columns in a file. To do this

- Make sure Mode is set to "insert" (the mode switch is on the right of the control panel, under the text window).
- Make sure Select is set to "by block" - default is "by line".
- Position the cursor at the start of the block and press f12.
- Position the cursor at the end of the block and press the Delete key on the keyboard.
- Position the cursor at the start of the destination area and press the Insert key on the keyboard.

You can cancel a selection using Shift-f12.

Removing Non-Printing Symbols
ASCII is slightly different under Windows and Unix/Linux. This can result in some non-printing characters in the file. There is an option to remove these under the "Commands" menu.

Stripping Out Characters or Text
The easiest way to strip information from a file is to replace it with a blank; to do this, hit the replace button and enter the target string of text to remove. When you are asked for an Output string, leave this completely blank, and then hit Shift-A to replace all.

Adding in Support File Header Lines
All GLOBE Claritas control files are ASCII, with a slightly different start (header) to the file determining the type and configuring the columns. To add in the correct header lines go to the Commands menu and select "Insert SDE header lines" - you can then select the file type from a list. You can then use "push" and "pull" above to align the columns correctly, before saving the file. Once saved, it can be opened in the Control Files spreadsheet editor (xsde).

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