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Source point Cordinates in Geometry Link to this post

How we use source coordinates in Claritas to make geometry. there is no info present for perpendicular offset. only cordinates of source points shows the Perpendicular offset when we draw in Excel.


Re: Source point Cordinates in Geometry Link to this post

Hi Masood -

The easiest workflow will depend upon what other information you have as well as the source locations.

Do you have the receiver locations as well?

Assuming that the closest peg to the source location is given in your source file, then one approach is to renumber the source locations - for example by adding 10,000 to the survey peg numbers - and create the geometry as normal. You'd still use a single survey file, but this owuld have both the source and receiver locations in it, and you'd need to make sure the observer's log file referenced the renumbered source peg correctly.


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