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In my case receiver and source numbers are same means both have same values for eaxmple my receiver line starts from 101,102,103,....and so on. my source are 103,105,106,...etc. the shot position is on the picket.
in this case how i define elevation for both receiver and source points.

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In that case you will have to renumber your Shot_pegs or receiver pegs so you can include both in the .sur file ie number the recpegs 1010 1020 1030 etc and the shotpegs 1035 1045 1055 etc.

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you suggest renumber Shotpeg and receiverpeg so my receiver become 1010 and shot point becomes 1015. But i have the navigation only for receiver points and source point is on the picket(receiver point).

If i interpolate the navigation of source point then my sourec point locate between the picket whereas in obs source point is on the picket.

one more thing when i renumber the receiver number like 1010 1020 1030 and create the sur file, Also renumber the shotpoint and also modified the relation file and create obl file. it will give error during the creation of geom file it will ask the receiver points between 1010 and 1020 and so on. in relation file my spread is define with four receiver point.

please suggest

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I am sorry but I am a little confused. Surely if your Source and Receiver locations are on the same peg then there elevations are identical and there is no issue?

As the survey file (.sur) defines the peg locations in terms of xy and z(elevation), and the relations (.obl) file defines which pegs relate to which channel or shotpoint there should be no need for a separate value in the .sur file related to source elevation as it will be whatever was surveyed at the relevant peg location regardless of this being a source or receiver?



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The source point is on receiver position and futher make perpendicular offset to sourcepoint position. so thatswhy we receive different values of elavation for receiver and source.


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Within the ASCOBL utility there is a parameter to define the perpendicular offset applicable to the SHOT_PEG, and having discussed it internally here our assumption has always been that as the perpendicular offset would be of the order of 5-10metres say that the change in elevation would be insignificant and the single receiver elevation would be applicable. If in your case this is not so you will need to send us your ascii text files to claritas.support@gns.cri.nz


Andy Juniper

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