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Author Topic: Pre Stack Depth migration. 2471 Views

Pre Stack Depth migration. Link to this post

Can we do pre Stack Depth migration (2D land line) in claritas?
if we can then please share the steps invlove for this.


Re: Pre Stack Depth migration. Link to this post

In Claritas you can use the PRESDM module for pre-stack Kirchhoff depth migration. You can read more on this module in the Claritas manual, the link to the relevant section can be found from chapter 7.17 - Migration.
Just a couple of notes:
If you want to use a horizon based model you'll need to use another package to build the velocity model.
If using a smoothed pre-stack time velocity field then the methodology is to test different smoothing operators, selecting the most realistic depth conversion to migrate with. Determining which smoothed velocity field is best can be quite difficult and requires a certain level of experience.
The TDCONV1 module can be used for depth conversion - you can read more about this module in the How do I ..... section of this forum.

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