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velocity picking for statics Link to this post

my 2D onshore seismic data have been acquired with a minimum offset set to 24 meters. Thus the direct wave corresponding to the propagation in the thin weathering layer is not recorded and the first arrivals are almost all refracted waves. In the vels scatter window, the first velocity cluster that I migth pick is not supposed to be the V0 but the V1. What alternative in Claritas would you advice me to ensure good inversion results.

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Is there any other info from the survey area you can use to define V0 on the velocity model? If so use this to create an approximate value for V0 then fix the V0 layer in the velocity model and let the refstat application work on V1 (and on V2, if you decide to add another layer). If you have no way of estimating V0
the other option would be to not carry out refraction statics and try to resolve with residual statics.

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