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Which Tutorial to Start With? Link to this post

We currently provide four main tutorial datasets; the A, B and C tutorials cover land data, and the D tutorial is for marine data.

The A and B tutorials are in an older format and deal mainly with engineering scale data.

The C and Marine tutorials both deal with large scale exploration datasets, and utilise a wider range of tools and techniques.

For most users, we'd suggest you start with either the C, or D (Marine) tutorials. These are provided as GLOBE Claritas format archived projects; to unpack the tutorial, start the GLOBE Claritas launcher, select the Projects "tab" (NB. not the Project pull-down menu) and then click on the Restore option.

The tutorials do assume some degree of seismic data processing experience or knowledge. We'd suggest that those with less experience start with the Marine (D) tutorial, as this allows users to get familiar with techniques in the software without having to manage the more complex land issues of geometry and statics.

Tutorials for 3D datasets are also available, on request.

The tutorial datasets are used as the basis for seismic processing courses by a number of Universities.

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