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I'm currently working with the CVA, and I would like make a supergather of 2 CDPs.
In the help section, I don't get how to specify the parameters in the "Weighting over CDPs".

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Re: Supergather Link to this post

The first value listed in the "Weighting over CDPs" parameter is the weight that will be applied to the central CDP, following values will be the weights applied to pairs of traces either side of the central CDP moving outwards. The number of weights listed will give the number of CDPs used in the supergather. For example if you specify the default weight list of “1.0 0.5 0.3” then there will be 5 CDPs in the supergather, and if you are looking at CDP200 then these will be CDP198 (weighted by 0.3), CDP199 (weighted by 0.5), CDP200 (weighted by 1.0), CDP201 (weighted by 0.5), CDP202 (weighted by 0.3). For uniform weighting, just specify 1.0 - eg “1.0 1.0 1.0” for a 5 CDP supergather.

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