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Author Topic: CVA can only run once in a project? 671 Views

CVA can only run once in a project? Link to this post

I've got a project that includes several seismic lines. I was able to load up the first line into CVA with some standard application parameters, using an unstacked data file with geometry applied. This worked fine, the CVA program loaded up and I was able to do the velocity analysis. Later when I went to load the second seismic line, using the exact same parameters and the same processing flow on the raw data, the CVA program did not initiate. Am I missing something, or can you only create one velocity profile within a project?

Re: CVA can only run once in a project? Link to this post

There is no limit on the number of times or datasets you can run CVA on in a given project.
Could you give us some more info about what is happening when the second seismic line is input into CVA? You can send screenshots of the initial CVA parameter form being used and any messages seen to claritas.support@gns.cri.nz and we can take a look and see if we can figure out what the issue might be.

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