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Author Topic: cva recover with cva -r .journal file 2509 Views

cva recover with cva -r .journal file Link to this post

A very useful tool is cva -r. In case of a system crash while picking velocities, one is generally able to recover any unsaved work by typing:
cva -r .journal (this is the latest cva journal file). This usually works, however there are situations when not. One of the cases when does not work,
is when the geometry file (and your datasets) have at least one CDP bin with 0 fold.
There is at least one another situation when the cva - r does not give the desired result. Can anyone share any experiences in this regard?

Re: cva recover with cva -r .journal file Link to this post

I hadn't come across the zero-fold CDP issue before, and we'll have a bit of a big into that to see if it can be resolved.

One "trap" we have seen is where people have had the same input and output filenames, and have been saving as they have gone along; the recovery option reads the original file, and if this has been overwritten it can't make the changes it needs to.

Part of the updates for V5.6 was to put some safegaurds around this - you specify an input and output filename upfront, if you set these the same you get some warnings, and there's various "overwrite file" warnings on the save options - but if the input velocity file has been changed, then you can't use the recover options.

Re: cva recover with cva -r .journal file Link to this post

Hi Sid
Have been having a play around with using the cva -r recovery command and haven't been able to replicate your problem yet.
I've been picking velocities in the semblance window, on data that has five CDP's with fold zero. When I close CVA down without saving I can then use - cva -r ../JOURNALS/.cva_Journal_Thu_Jan_12_15_36_38_2012 to recover the *.nmo file from the latest journal file.
What version of Claritas and what OS are you using? might help me dig into the issue a bit more.

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