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ESSOV2 velocity format Link to this post

My client need ESSOV2 format for velocity files. I have created the essov2 format file , the output file contain the cdp points, whereas in standard format of ESSOV2 shotpoint mention instead of cdp.

Also the column locations are not at standard position. is it possible to create the essov2 format file at standard column position?


Re: ESSOV2 velocity format Link to this post

At present the nmotowgf velocity conversion utility is setup to write ESSOV2 with CDP values only.

As an alternative you could use the WGF velocity exchange format as this when used in conjunction with the Claritas geometry outputs the velocities tied to SP location. Which is a commonly used interchange format.

I have added a development request to add this functionality to the ESSOV2 format output as well.

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