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V6-5 beta release - 19th August 2016 Link to this post

On the 19th of August 2016 we completed another release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-5) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients. This is the second of 6 to 7 anticipated beta releases before the full V6.5 release at the end of this year.

Some of the features in this beta release include:-
- Bulk deletion capability added to CVA - On the ISOVELS window the user can rubber band around a number of picks across single or multiple locations and interactively remove these picks.
- Re-stack option in CVA - CVA will now allow users to restack the CDP or Shot gather input dataset on demand and compare this with the initial stack section (either read in from file or stacked when the CVA session started). Once a restack panel has been created this panel can be updated on the fly as users pick or adjust their velocity file.
- Improvement to Slant Cable Broadband solution - The initial version of OCTAVE when working on Slant or Variable cable data could generate some strong linear noise artefacts, the update in this beta resolves this issue.

Bug fixes include:-
- Bug fix in the SCDECON module, If DUMP_WAVE parameter set to yes, then module would core dump, this no longer occurs.
- PRESDM module, some improvements to documentation to aid user selection of depth interval parameters.
- CVA - Around the implementation of the re-stack option, improvements to Stack on load speed and behaviour.
- CVA - Rationalisation of AGC application parameters allowing users to optimise for pre/post stack AGC.
- SEGD - New parameter to allow users to reoslve issues where sample rate and trace length encoded in Channel set and General header differ allowing users to override default behaviour and selct correct option.

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