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First V6-6 beta release - 13 February 2017 Link to this post

We have completed the first release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas V6-6 and have just provided a download for this latest beta release to our Linux clients. This is the first of an anticipated 6 to 7 beta releases before the full V6.6 release at the end of June this year.

Supported operating systems for this release are Redhat (Centos) 6 and 7, Ubuntu14.04-64 and 16.04-64. The Redhat (Centos) 5 OS has been dropped from support for V6.6. We will also drop support for Ubuntu14.04-64 as part of the GLOBE Claritas V6.7 development cycle.

Some of the features in this beta release include:-
· New initial pick method for first break picking using the Envelope Threshold method.
· New project selection widget using Qt Gui (replaces old X11 widget).

Bug fixes include:-
· SPS Loading now supports 10 digit peg numbers (5 digit Shot/rec line+5 digit peg number)
· SCDECON – The wavelet shaping capability has been rewritten and parameters updated to match Claritas standard butterworth filter definitions.
· Resolved small memory leak in HDF5.
· Added a verbose option to xsje which can be accessed by running xsje from the command line with the command xsje -v Jobname.

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