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Fifth V6-6 beta release - 09 June 2017 Link to this post

On the 9th of June 2017 we completed the fifth release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-6) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients.

Some of the new functionality and features in this beta release included:-
•   IMAGE_K3D – beta version of a 3D Pre-stack Depth Migration module, whilst all operator controls are implemented the application has not been optimised for speed or memory usage at this stage of its development.
•   Ongoing updates to the CONDOR Application
o   Can now perform additional geometry QC’s, display CDP Positions and Trace midpoints.
o   Quick Crossplot allows user to display Fold and RMS, PEAK and NoiseQC headers generated by the new NOISEQC module against pre-configured headers (ie SHOTID/CHANNEL).
o   Customised Crossplot allows more user configuration to desired trace headers.
o   The matplotlib version of Condor has been deprecated in favour of a faster pyqtgraph version. (However, this is not available on older OS (eg RHEL6); in that case usage will revert to the areal application)
o   The ability to show flagged traces in the display has been added. A cross is drawn over the cells of flagged traces.
o   Traces with zero coordinates are now ignored by default. (If you need to still see zero coordinate data a "-includeZeroXY" command-line option can be used to override the default.)
•   Update of the AREAL application
o   Can now be launched from the SeisCat data management tool and reads directly from HDF5 trace headers.
o   Trace edits are written directly to the HDF5 seismic trace header and these update on the fly.
o   Multiples panels can be displayed, these can be different headers from within one HDF5 file or the same header from multiple HDF5 files.
o   Quick crossplot mode allows for pre-selected header combinations, while the custom crossplot mode allows for any header to be plotted against any other two.
o   Panels are labelled with titles which the user can edit.
o   Now have the ability to create powerpoint presentations from within the AREAL application, as we can currently do from XVIEW/SEISVIEW etc
•   The HDRMATH module now be run inside a MPISTART/MPIEND loop.

Bug fixes include:-
•   Changes to ‘create geometry from SPS’ so files with both channel and receiver ranges backwards now load correctly.
•   Fixed the SEGY-Analyser ‘Edit 3200 byte header’ option to work correctly.
•   To prevent truncation of the window title (displaying the filename), all xview and areal windows now just display the filename rather than the full pathname of the file.
•   The maximum length allowed for a project name has been increased from 40 to 80 characters.
•   The maximum width limit for Condor plots has been increased.
•   Fixed the viewshf application to prevent coredump on start-up.
•   Changes to AREAL to resolve issue where cells couldn’t be flagged on non-HDF5 input (eg *.are files).
•   Added a short section to SV help documentation describing the Quantum pick method

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