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First V6-7 beta release - 18 August 2017 Link to this post

We have completed the first release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas V6-7 and have just provided a download for this latest beta release to our Linux clients. This is the first of an anticipated 5 beta releases before the full V6.7 release at the end of December this year.

Supported operating systems for this release are Redhat (Centos) 6 and 7, Ubuntu14.04-64 and 16.04-64. We will also drop support for Ubuntu14.04-64 as part of the Claritas V6.7 development cycle.

Some of the features in this beta release include:-
•   New IMAGE_K3D – 3D Pre-stack Depth Migration module. This is the second beta release for this module, whilst all operator controls are implemented the application has not been optimised for speed or memory usage at this stage of its development.
•   IMAGE_K3T – Implementation of Improvements to tapering of operator.
•   Trace normalisation added to IMAGE_K3T module.
•   SEISWRITE updated to create trace and binary headers needed by the ADDGEOM module and REFSTAT applications, to allow for reading of geometry information from an HDF5 file header.
•   ADDGEOM – Now populates a variety of trace headers generated by the SEISWRITE module that are required by the REFSTAT applications.
•   ADDPICK – Updates to documentation and the default header location where first break picks are written, so that the REFSTAT applications can extract these from the trace header of an HDF5 file.
•   New SETOFFSET module reads the source and receiver xy’s and populates the OFFSET and AZIMUTH headers from these.
•   Improvements to REREAD – new reel header information as well as trace headers are now copied.

Bug fixes include:-
•   REREAD – Was not working properly with the Calritas HDF5 format.
•   NMO module – Was not coping with trailing blanks in the SDE file after the NMO characters.
•   CVA – Resolved problem of Segmentation fault.
•   REFSTAT3D – Solving residuals using Fast method could produce unstable results.

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