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Third V6-7 beta release - 16 October 2017 Link to this post

On the 16th of October 2017 we completed another release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-7) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients.
Some of the new functionality and features in this beta release included:-
• AREAL – When reading HDF5 files the display can be refreshed to update any changes to headers.
•   SV application – Able to monitor input HDF5 dataset for changes to headers/data and can update/refresh display as required.
•   IMAGE_K3T – Edge effect scaling capability added.
•   Gundalf and Nucleus file formats can now be directly read into the WAVELET application
•   New LATLON_XY module – this module takes one or two pairs of trace headers containing a position expressed in degrees of latitude and longitude and converts that position into a cartesian easting and northing coordinate expressed in metres.
•   Extended the parameter form for the XVIEW/SV ‘Statics’ button to allow the user to specify a fixed/floating datum static correction as well.
•   The ADDSPS module has been updated to allow for merging of XY Coordinates into trace headers based on SHOT_PEG and REC_PEG values. Any trace for which the SHOTID/CHANNEL or SHOT_PEG/REC_PEG cannot be found is flagged as a dead trace (TRTYPE=2).
•   The SYNGEOM module now allows the SET_GEOM parameter to be set to: ‘Yes’ (set all trace header coordinates and heights), ‘No’ (only SHOTID, CHANNEL, TRTYPE, and LASTTR set), and now also ‘Pegs’ – in which case SHOT_PEG and REC_PEG will be set (instead of SHOTID/CHANNEL) but no coordinate or height data, useful if you wish to mimic a nodal acquisition dataset.
•   A PKEYLIST parameter has been added to the SEISWRITE module so users can define a list of primary keys to be written out.
•   The SNOOP module has been updated to allow printing of the elapsed time since the start of the job and since the last print. The trace count and timing information can also now be saved to a text file.

Bug fixes included:-
•   Traces with TRTYPE not equal to 1 were only appearing to be dead in wiggle displays, not variable-density displays (When RASTERMODE set to XImages).
•   MPISTART was using an incorrect command on Ubuntu16.04 causing jobs to abort.
•   The AREAL application was not displaying files with large primary key values.
•   The default value for the VERSION parameter in SEISWRITE was not being correctly set.

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