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Second V6-9 beta release - 21 September 2018 Link to this post

On the 21st of September 2018 we completed another release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-9) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients.

Some of the new functionality and features in this beta release included:-
•   SV – Now has an unpick button, allows users to remove a bad/poor first break pick for instance rather than having to kill the trace to exclude the pick from use in refstat.
•   SV – Honours the input file name supplied by the user when running from the command line or selecting a dataset from the support files table.
•   SV – Annotates appropriate trace headers when you sort within the SV application ie if you sort to CDP/OFFSET will now automatically annotate CDP and OFFSETS rather than just maintain default SHOTID/CHANNEL.
•   SV – If moving up and down a file by a set ensemble increment (ie <</>> arrow buttons), that would skip the first or last ensemble number, the display of the first or last ensemble is now faster than on older versions.
•   Seisview – Added to the options available to display CSEGY or HDF5 files listed in the supportfiles table.
•   QGEOM – Application added to the options for viewing/interacting with geom files listed in the supportfiles table.
•   READSEGD – Better handles corrupted SegD datatsets and flags with a warning for users.

Bug fixes included:-
•   SV – When you killed traces whilst displaying with Variable Density these traces did not show up as dead, this has been fixed in this beta release.

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