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Third V6-9 beta release - 19 October 2018 Link to this post

On the 19th of October 2018 we completed another release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-9) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients.

Some of the new functionality and features in this beta release included:-
•   GEOMETRY – New option added to crooked line binning for extremely crooked lines, to allow for improved binning fidelity. Each trace has a brute force check to define best fit for the CDP into which it bins - allows for situations where first nearest CDP bin is not necessarily the nearest CDP bin due to high curvature of the line. This method is very slow so should only be used for lines with a high level of crookedness.
•   DATUM_SRD/FIX/FLT – Modules now update the TOTAL_STATIC header of the dataset.

Bug fixes included:-
•   STACK – Module updated to ignore the TKEYIDX binary header if set to a value other than 0.
•   SYNGEOM – When run using the POLYFILE parameter the module was outputting an additional copy of the last trace on a shot gather.
•   SYNGEOM – Module output data with incorrect sample rate leading to very large datasets.

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