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Fourth V6-9 beta release - 16 November 2018 Link to this post

On the 16th of November 2018 we completed another release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-9) and were able to provide a download for the latest beta release to our Linux clients.

Some of the new functionality and features in this beta release included:-
•   Griffon (New application) – Griffon performs interactive trace header maths on HDF5 datasets, updating existing headers or creating new headers with the results of user defined maths expressions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw9rrege_6A), utilises the NumPy and SciPy libraries to provide an extensive list of options for users (https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/reference/routines.html)
•   Griffon – Launches SV application and displays trace header overlays of updated or created trace headers.
•   Griffon – Launches a window displaying the min/max range of values in the headers, the trace header index, and whether the headers are updated or used by the maths expressions being applied by Griffon.
•   Griffon – Launches a trace header listing showing the results of the maths expressions on the first 400 hundred or so traces in the HDF5 dataset allowing users to QC/QA the results.
•   Griffon – Has the ability to read or save out a file containing maths expressions previously defined by the user.
•   SNAWT – A new module (Surface Noise Attenuation using the Wavelet Transform) for ground roll attenuation based on the DUSWELL module provides useful capability to attenuate Airblast/Ground roll energy.
•   WRITESEGY – Option added to allow Writesegy to create a single Segy dataset every time a user defined header name changes. Output files include header value in file name.
•   Header display in XVIEW – Header list option from XVIEW/SV etc 'Analysis' options has been updated to show all USED headers as default rather than SHOTID/CHANNEL.

Bug fixes included:-
•   REFSTAT3D – Was hanging on Windows, now resolved.
•   K3T – Issues on sparsely populated offset volumes with the boundary calculation resulted in module hanging, now resolved.

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