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Third V6-10 beta release - 06 May 2019 Link to this post

We have completed the third release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas V6-10 and have just provided a download for this latest beta release to our Linux clients.
Some of the features in this beta release include:-
•   REFSTAT2D/3D – Polyselect functionality fully implemented, users can define a polygon within which first break picks are accepted and used in the inversion process (picks outside are ignored).
•   MAKEGEOM/SETOFFSET – Modules now output signed offsets for 2D data.
•   ATTRIBUTE – Attribute module now creates the Cosine of the Instantaneous phase.
•   ISOVELS – Correctly interprets 3D SegY velocity fields and can, when presented with irregular grids, interpolate onto a regular grid for display in the application.

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