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First V7-0 beta release - 31 July 2019 Link to this post

We have completed the first release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas V7-0 and have just provided a download for this latest beta release to our Linux clients. This is the first of an anticipated 5 or so beta releases before the full V7.0 release in December.
Some of the features in this beta release include:-
•   Various improvements to the DENOISE_TF module: including faster runtimes and better quality, added controls for using a NMO wrap around the application, and application window definition.
•   Added the capability to save individual parameter definitions for applications in the users .claritas directory. Parameter forms are saved in two locations in the project - globally and also for individual users.
•   New attribute headers are now created and populated when picking first breaks – apparent refraction velocity and seismic trace amplitude, to aid QC/QA of first break picks.
•   SRDSTAT – Resolved issue with SRDFILT module so this now works, and updated documentation of SRDSTAT to indicate it’s use for multi-channel seismic, not single channel seismic.
•   Bug fix and improvement for 'Display 3D Grid' utility – resolved odd behaviour when user used the delete key to clear a parameter space rather than backspace/arrow and overwrite, also when saving a grid the file dialogue window now says 'save' not 'open' on the action button.
•   GEOMETRY – Update to the Geometry application to work better with high resolution datasets with small shot point and receiver intervals, with large source offsets. This update can be accessed from the command line using 'geometry -xxx'

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