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Third V7-0 beta release - 21 October 2019 Link to this post

We have completed the third release sprint of the development version of GLOBE Claritas V7-0 and have just provided a download for this latest beta release to our Linux clients. This is the first of an anticipated 5 or so beta releases before the full V7.0 release in December.
Some of the features in this beta release include:-
•   GRIFFON – Option within the trace header listing window to select additional headers to display or to display all headers
•   SEISCAT – Can launch the CVA application from an HDF5 dataset, and if available will extract last used velocity field from the support files table and populate input velocity parameter of the CVA menu
•   SEISCAT – Can launch the Geometry application, reads the support files table embedded on an HDF5 dataset and if it finds a Geometry database will allow the user to open this in the Geometry application
•   SEISCAT – Can launch job flows. If dataset is an HDF5 file and has previous job flows listed in the support files tables these can be opened from the dataset. If no Job flows listed or it is a CSEGY file a new job can be opened with the relevant Input module included - defining the dataset being interrogated in the input module parameter form.
•   SEISVIEW – A bug has been fixed where when displaying multiple panels if you moved to a new ensemble panelling would be lost and only data from Panel 1 displayed
•   SEISVIEW - If when displaying multiple panels in Seisview you create a difference plot this is now preserved when you move to the next ensemble
•   READSEGD – Update to module to add two new parameters that allow users to specify the number of shots to read and the number to skip
•   SEG2SEGY – Updates to deal with long trace length or finely sampled datasets. Where the number of samples exceeds the number supported by the 16bit SegY header the data is truncated to fit this value but the application does now output data.

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