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Last Trace Flags - unexpected results in job flows Link to this post

GLOBE Claritas sets a flag on the last trace in each "primary key" group, and a "end of data" marker on the very last trace.
Normally you don't need to worry about these, as they are managed automatically by things like sorts, or reorder.

However, if you split out traces using IF/ENDIF, or remove traces (IF, TREMOVE, ENDIF) then its possible to lose the last trace flag.
Multi channel modules - and plotting modules - can then become confused about how they should exit.

You can also have "last trace" issues when reading SEGY data for the first time, if you don't configure the trace header mapping for the primary and secondary key correctly.

The SETLASTTR module is used to reset the last trace flag; if you have a processing flow that is not quite working as expected, it can be a good idea to insert a SETLASTTR after any trace editing/removal, or after the DISCREAD or READSEGY, as this can sometimes resolve the issue.

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