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Good day

I have a question, I made a interpolation with a good result but when I want to display a gather I see only one trace and the semblance is homogeneous, I do not how I can display all traces because I believe should be many traces more and I think that I can picking new velocities from new interpolation gathers.

I attach a presentation with comparison images of gathers and semblanzas before and after.

thanks for help me

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Re: Interpolation Link to this post

Could you give more us some more details?
For example:
How is the interpolation being carried out, what modules are being used?
What parameters are being used in the interpolation?

Re: Interpolation Link to this post

Hello, I used the module STITCH_PRE and after STITCH whit the final migration gathers, I attach a presentation whit the parameters that I used.


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Re: Interpolation Link to this post

Thanks for getting back to us.
I understand your question has been responded to by claritas support?
Let us know if there is anything further (either here or by the claritas support email)

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