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Create an ahl file Link to this post


I'm currently working with your software, and I need to add the REC_PEG in my headers.
I know the module in order to add these data, however I have to create an ahl file. I have already all the REC_PEG numbers in a ascii file.

Is there a way to convert automatically my ascii file in an ahl file, instead of creating an ahl file manually ?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Create an ahl file Link to this post

The format_sde utility can be used to convert ASCII text input to one of a series of formats (eg *.dig, *.nmo, *.ahl). More info on this utility and the command line syntax to use can be found in the "Utilities : Miscellaneous small programmes" - "Miscellaneous utilities" - "format_sde : Creates various SDE format files from ASCII input" section of the GLOBE Claritas manual.

The TXTHDR module is similar to the ADDHDR module - but where ADDHDR requires a specific format input file (*.ahl), TXTHDR can cope with a wide range of input ascii files (with the principal requirement being that the data is in some regular column format). Where ADDHDR can interpolate for missing primary/secondary keys, TXTHDR only fills trace headers where the primary and secondary key values are present in the input file. However as long as the keys are listed in the textfile, then other missing data cells can be filled in or interpolated. Once again more details on the TXTHDR module can be found in the GLOBE Claritas help documentation.

Re: Create an ahl file Link to this post

Thank you for your answer, I will try today with your recommandations.
I'll keep you in touch in further development.

Re: Create an ahl file Link to this post

Thank you very much for your advice.
I worked with your recommendations and I have successfully created an *.ahl file, and implemented in my header.

Re: Create an ahl file Link to this post

Thanks Matthieu, Glad to hear you're back up and running with GLOBE Claritas

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