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I would like to know if there is an option in order to display my shot in true offset.

Thank you for answer,

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The 'sqc' command was the first interactive display application written for GLOBE Claritas, but this has now been superseded by SV. However, the old sqc display application will allow specific horizontal trace positioning - rather than just constant trace spacing. Open a terminal window from the 'Seismic Data' tab of the launcher and type in the command 'sqc' to bring up a window containing the sqc main parameter form. In the 'Irregular-spacing key' parameter enter the header that will define the trace positioning eg OFFSET.

If using the RASTER module, to either send the seismic to a plotter to create a hardcopy or create a HP-RTL(*.rtl), TIFF (*.tif), PostScript (*.ps) or Versatec (*.lva) format file, then there is the 'IRREGULAR' parameter which can be used to plot your traces with an irregular horizontal spacing according to the value of a specified header location. To do this, specify three values for this parameter : the header name, a scalar to multiply the headers by, and a trace width in cm, for example : “OFFSET 0.01 0.5”. This example would take the trace header offset values multiplies them by 0.01 to get the position along the plot, and lets each trace occupy up to 0.5*CLIP cm on the plot.

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Thank you, it corresponds exactly what I expected !


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Thanks Matt, glad to hear you got the display you were looking for

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