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I have a problem with opening all the shots together. All my shoots data are in separate files but I want to open them all in one SV window. so, how could I do that??

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Depending on the format of the shot files the SEISREAD, DISCREAD, READSEGY, and READSEGD modules all have a LISTFILE parameter that can contain a file (*.sfl) containing a list of filenames you want to read in. So multiple files can be read in and single file written out that can then be displayed in SV.

The seisview application ('View seimic' button on the 'Seismic Data tab of the launcher) can be used to load and compare multiple versions of the same stack or volume, or pre-stack dataset in different tabs.

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the files have segy format
I tried to write the names of the files in one column in text file and run it using READSEGY but it did not work. dose the list file need a specific format

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Each line of the *.sfl file comprises a filename and then an optional PKEYLIST separated from the filename by a space.
For example
/work/ravens/eketahuna/cvs1.segy 100:600
/work/ravens/eketahuna/cvs2.segy 700:800

Once a filename has been entered in the LISTFILE parameter the 'Edit' button, to the right of this parameter, will open an xedt window (Internal GLOBE Claritas text editor). The *.sfl file can then be created in the xedt window by typing in the name of the files to be read by READSEGY or selecting the files from your directories by using the 'File' - 'Include a list of file names' or 'File' - 'Include a list of DATA file' toolbar menu options.

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