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I often write segy to disc for plotting using gmt or python and often limit the display range using these tools to display a particular feature e.g. plot between 3-5s twtt whereas the entire segy file may be 10s twtt.
I can easily plot the same time range in xview using the Timeon Timeoff options and can limit the output range to 0-5s twtt using out_length in writesegy.
However, I can't seem to find an option to read/write between a certain time range (e.g. 3-5s) within a job flow.
This would be very useful as it would save me having to write segy 10s long when I only need 3-5s for the plots.
Is this possible?


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As you mention, the WRITESEGY module (and DISCREAD AND DISCWRITE modules) can be used to truncate the trace length of your data from say 0-10s to 0-5s. In order to change the start time from 0s you could use the STATIC module to apply a bulk shift to the data. For example a shift of 3000ms would have data from 3s displayed at 0s, data from 5s displayed at 2s and so on. This means that once shifted you could then truncate your trace to 0-2s (i.e. only 2s seconds long) and be displaying data from 3-5s. When it came to plotting your data you could lengthen the trace and remove the static shift, and (as you are now doing) use the timeon and timeoff options in XVIEW to display the desired range with the correct time axis values.

Re: Input/output time window Link to this post

Thanks Keleigh, great solution that's exactly what I needed. Cheers!

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