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It depends on the nodes used, but it is possible to process OBN data in GLOBE Claritas. If the nodes are multi component only the vertical component can be processed, if the nodes are geophones processing should be fine.

If the relevant headers are present in the node data sorting should be a usual. Depending on the sort you want there are several modules in GLOBE Claritas that can be used to sort, and you can read more about these in the help documentation. For example DISCSORT, DISCGATH, DISCGATHM, CDPSORT, GENSORT, etc. The SEISREAD module reads in Claritas format HDF5 files (as output by SEISWRITE) and can sort these easily using primary, secondary, and tertiary keys provided by the user.

The SETLASTTR module can be used to set the end-of-ensemble flag in the seismic trace headers. This value needs to be set to 1 for the last trace in each ensemble. SETKEY may be used to change the primary key or secondary key of your data. It only changes the primary/secondary key settings in the binary header, and does NOT perform any sorting.

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