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sorting data set Link to this post

i have line with mixed sources,dynamite and vibro. i seperate out the vibro and dynamite portion. apply the minimum filter to vibro data and take ouput of that viboro data.
in discread module i used the list file option to combine the vibro(after minimum phase) and dynamite data nad take output. my put put is not sort in order. how i sort it in conitous order by using primary key SHOTID. i used gensort but gensort increse the trace in my rollin roll out portion.


Re: sorting data set Link to this post

I believe the GENSORT module will pad your data to the value in the MAXFOLD parameter, hence your observed increase in traces.
You could try an IF/ENDIF loop to remove these padded traces – they probably won't have a TRTYPE of 1 or they won't have CDP header values (if you'd already applied a geometry to the data) etc.
The DISCSORT module shouldn't pad your data so you could try this module to create your shotid sorted data.
Alternatively instead of using a sort module you could make use of the DISCREAD - LISTFILE option you mentioned. You can use this option to read in sections of the vibro data and dynamite data files in shot order. For example the *.sfl file read by the LISTFILE option could look like
../DATA/Vibro.shots 100:500
../DATA/Dynamo.shots 500:900
../DATA/Vibro.shots 1000:1600
../DATA/Dynamo.shots 1700:2000
../DATA/Vibro.shots 2000:2300
../DATA/Dynamo.shots 2300:2500
Where the file names to be read are followed by the primary key values to read in.

Re: sorting data set Link to this post

i have five datasets in the line,
2. dynamite,
5. vibro
First i applied the geometry, then sperate the vibro and dynamite shots. and combine the dynamite data sets. combine the vibro datasets and apply minimum phase filter.
now i have two data set one is vibro and other is dynamite. I used listfile option in disread module to read the vibro and dynamite datasets, write the data set, when i qc the shots i found all files in random sorting. how we sort it in continous form.

Re: sorting data set Link to this post

Have you tried using the DISCSORT module rather than GENSORT to sort the re-combined data?

I assume that when you re-combine the vibro and dynamite data you read in the whole vibro dataset file then the whole dynamite dataset file - creating a file with the format

Instead, when you use the LISTFILE option in DISCREAD, to re-combine your vibro and dynamic datasets into one file, read in the vibro shots relating to 1.vibro then read in the dynamite shots relating to 2.dynamite then read in the vibro shots relating to 3.vibro etc. This will give the data in the same order as the original input file - 1.vibro

The *.sfl file used in the LISTFILE option can be formatted to do this. Firstly you would type the pathname for the vibro dataset file followed (on the same line) by the list of shotids (e.g. 100:900) that make up 1.vibro. The next line would contain the pathname for the dynamite dataset file followed by the list of shotids in 2.dynamite. The third line would once again contain the pathname for the vibro dataset this time followed by the list of shotids from 3.vibro. The fourth and fifth lines of this file would be similarly created.

Hope this answers your question and clarifies things?

Re: sorting data set Link to this post

I did not use DISSORT module. I used only Gensort to sort two data vibro and dynamite.
Your suggestion that sepatrate dataset 1.vibro,2.dynamite ,3.vibro, 4.dyanmite 5.vibro, aplly minimum phase filter to vibro data seperately and combine them in same order(means 1,2,..,5)

Thanks For your help, i will try Dissor module later.

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