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Author Topic: GLOBE Claritas V6-10 released 4th July 2019 339 Views

GLOBE Claritas V6-10 released 4th July 2019 Link to this post

The latest stable version of GLOBE Claritas (V6-10) was released to all users at the start of July 2019.
Highlights of the development include :-
•   A new FKPOWER module – Effects an FK Filter on post stack data by applying FFT2D transform, raising the data by a specified power, and transforming back to the XT domain providing improved continuity to primary signal and reduced random noise.
•   VIEWSHF application now produces better displays for 3D statics.
•   ISOVELS – now correctly reads 3D SegY velocity fields into the application and displays based on constant Inline rather than trace number. This works for both CSEGY and SegY Revision 1 formats.
•   ISOVELS – Application can now read standard Velocity exchange formats – ESSOV2/SHELLV2/WesternGeco Format/Disco/PROMAX2D-3D/UKOOA as well as the ability for users to define custom formats as required and then convert to Claritas NMO formats.
•   AREAL – Can now display multiple panels from the command line.
•   Dynamic trace headers – We now support the use of dynamic trace headers as primary/secondary/tertiary sort keys for datasets and as part of data flow, SV, Sli, Seisview and SEISREAD now accept data whose Pkey/Skey are dynamic trace headers.
•   NMOTRACE – Can now read Vint velocity fields which can then be displayed/overlaid by the XVIEW/Seisview processors and applications.
•   Geometry – Improvements to the Geometry tool allows for better labelling of INLINE/CROSSLINE values on the display and provides additional user control of label increment for Pegs/CDP’s and now Inlines and Crosslines.
•   MAKEGEOM – The MAKEGEOM module can now write out to the created geometry database the existing CDP/Inline/Crossline and grid information removing the need for users to re bin the data in Claritas.
•   REFSTAT2D/3D – Polyselect functionality fully implemented, users can define a polygon within which first break picks are accepted and used in the inversion process, picks outside are ignored.
•   REFSTAT2D – Bad or anomalous first break picks can now be automatically rejected using the high level residual rejection factor.
•   MAKEGEOM/SETOFFSET – Modules now output signed offsets from 2D data.
•   ATTRIBUTE – Attribute module now creates the cosine of the instantaneous phase.
•   ISOVELS – Correctly interprets 3D SegY velocity fields and can, when presented with irregular grids, interpolate onto a regular grid for display in the application.
•   WAVELET – Wavelet can now generate linear vibroseis sweeps if required.
•   GRIFFON – Now allows the use of scalar variables as well as arrays of traces.
•   DENOISE_TF – Initial release of the Tensor Factorisation Denoising algorithm is included as a beta module in this release we are still working on optimising the application for quality and speed.

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