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Author Topic: Cross Spread Domain Noise Attenuation? 1558 Views

Cross Spread Domain Noise Attenuation? Link to this post

Does the Globe Claritas works on the Cross-Spread domain to remove/reduce linear noise,such as Ground Roll , Air Wave ?

Re: Cross Spread Domain Noise Attenuation? Link to this post

GLOBE Claritas doesn’t create the cross-spread gather headers and information, and so doesn’t have a current implementation of an FKK module. A story for this is in the development backlog but is not prioritised at the moment. However, GLOBE Claritas is a tool kit so, if the maths is known for generating the relevant cross-spread gather headers, it should be possible to put together a jobflow to create these and then use the available noise attenuation modules to achieve the noise removal results you are looking for.

There is a powerpoint (Land Data Despike and Edit.pdf) and example jobflow (new_production.job) in the ‘Noise Attenuation » Example of a 3D land denoise/despike sequence’ post on the Forum (from November 2011), and also LINEAR_NOISE_REMOVAL_LAND_EXAMPLE.ppt and example job flow (example_linear_noise_removal.job) in the 'Noise Attenuation » Linear noise attenuation - Land Data' post (also from November 2011), which you might find useful.

You could also make use of the OFFREG\DEOFFREG modules. The OFFREG module is used to regularise ensembles (shots, CDPs etc) so that the offsets are at a regular spacing. A Tau-P domain mute could then be use to attenuate linear noise. Finally DEOFFREG can be used to map the regularised ensembles, created by the OFFREG module, back to their original offsets.

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