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Semblence smooth Link to this post

how apply sembsmooth module on cdp gather.
please share job deck

Re: Semblence smooth Link to this post


We would generally recommend the use of FXRUNMIX, RUNMIX or FXDECON ahead of the likes of SEMBSMOOTH and SLSD, the FXRUNMIX/RUNMIX/FXDECON coherency filters are generally simpler to parameterise, and safer for apply to typical exploration seismic datasets. SLSD and SEMBSMOOTH modules were created originally for deep crustal seismic data where a coherent image of the moho was desireable. In terms of typical exploration seismic they are a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

What you should do if you would like to apply a pre-stack coherency filter is to make sure that your data is nmo corrected prior to applying the filter.

I have attached an example SEMBSMOOTH job flow, however it is not a module we generally use very often so the current parameterisation is the default, with the exception of the ADDBACK and setting the INPUT data to UNSTACKED.

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