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minimum phase filter Link to this post

How to creat the operator from sweep to convert vib data to minum phase.

i have addopted following procedure.

1. Load the sweep.

2. Create a zero phase wavelet from the sweep.(Autocorelation of sweep)

3. Create a min phase equivalent from 2.

4. Match 2. To 3.

5. Create a BP Filter min phase.

6. Filter 4. With 5.

my question is what function is working behind MATH either convolution or correlation.


Re: minimum phase filter Link to this post

You seem to have all the steps for creating a minimum phase filter sorted:

  1. Read your source signature (or approximation of) into the WAVELET application.
  2. Use the Unary Minphase option on your wavelet - to create a minimum phase equivalent of the wavelet.
  3. Then use the Binary MatchFilt option on the wavelet and the minimum phase equivalent to create the minimum phase filter.
  4. Save this filter by right clicking on the plot of the filter and selecting the ïOutput' option.
  5. Once you have saved your filter from the wavelet application you can apply it to your data via the CONVCORR module, with MODE = Conv .

Re: minimum phase filter Link to this post

My question is that what opeartion is behind the Binary MatchFilt.

we take autocorelation of sweep and minimum phase equivalent in binary operation. and apply match. what opearation will be done this match option on autocorelation of sweep and minimum phase equivalent?

Match option correlate them or convolve them? Or do some different.


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