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Designature and Deghosting Link to this post

Hi all,

I am trying to process marine seismic data. I have nearfield and farfield signature SEG-Y data. I need to process data with designature and deghosting. But, first of all, I get hard to make spike data with model source and receiver ghost. Would you suggest me the explanation and detail flow to do this?

Thanks in advance

Re: Designature and Deghosting Link to this post

The Wavelet application in GLOBE Claritas can be used to derive a minimum or zero phase designature operator from a supplied signature. You can find the documentation for the Wavelet tutorial (*.ppt) in the 'Tutorials' section of this forum. The SPIKE option from the create menu in the Wavelet application can be used to model the source and receiver ghosts, by generating spikes at the appropriate times for the source and receiever ghosts and convolving this with the supplied signature - as illustrated on slide 7 and 8 of the Wavelet tutorial documentation.

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